Monday, July 9, 2018

Proto Query 1: A New Sibling

Small clumps of trees dotted the endless grass of the ancient savanna. The rugged grazers of the day roamed the wide space in great herds. The proto-ancestors of modern flora and fauna had already begun to take the recognizable shapes of the modern world.

Eboo sat in the sparse shade watching the great beasts lazily chew in the warm morning sun, their heavy heads reaching skyward at practiced intervals, scanning for predators before returning to their steady work. In haun lap a young primate struggled relentlessly to prod haun chromatic compound eyes. The soft brown life pulled at Eboo’s antenna and wings as lhe gently wrestled to hold the infant at bay.

“Greetings Eboo.” The Prime spoke in haun kind way. The iridescent tendrils of The Prime wafted in an endless hypnotic dance. For a moment Eboo’s wriggling charge moved to escape haun coddling grasp to reach for the mesmerizing Prime, before returning to Eboo’s glittering wings. “Who do you have there?”

“I’ve come to welcome our new sibling into the world.” Eboo replied with a bright voice. “Look how cute lhe is! Lhe has these little hairs all over its body. And their skin is so soft and warm.”

“Are you sure?” The Prime replied with gentle skepticism. “It seems a little early to acknowledge their godhood.”

“Not at all.” Eboo cooed, trilling haun tongue gently in a silly gesture to amuse haun infant friend. “Look at the wonder in those eyes. The curiosity, I think this one’s going to be special.”

“I notice you’ve modified your visage.”

“I’m experimenting with our little sibling’s adaptations. Look at its long funny little toes. It’s like each arm has five more little arms at the end. They’re so dexterous and gentle.” Eboo raised one of haun four slender exoskeletal arms. Each graceful black appendage now terminated in a long thin opposable thumb and three outstretched fingers. “It’s hard to get all five of them on there.”

“Where are the others?” The Prime asked, acknowledging the obvious absence of their other siblings.

“They’ve mostly come and gone. I don’t think they enjoy the infants as much as me.” Eboo said, lowering haun head shyly. “Some of them may think it’s a little soon as well.”

“How do you find the world?” The Prime asked.

“Most of the monstrous beasts are dead. Life seems more balanced somehow. The diversity is striking and complex.”

“So, this is the new one?” Aramas grumbled as haun approached the speckled shade. Aramas’s obsidian scales gleamed in the hot savanna sun. Unlike Eboo, who very much resembled haun people, Aramas was more mythological, the mold of haun anatomy terrifying and majestic. “Amazing those hairy little rodents captured the world. I’d always wagered on the birds.”

“Oh, be nice.” Eboo replied, acknowledging Aramas from haun periphery. “You were an awful little baby. So bitey.”

“Fur is disgusting.” Aramas spat down haun thick scaly nose. “It’s unsanitary. It smells.”

“Have you decided what you're going to call haun?” The Prime asked, eager to break the tension.

“I think I’ll call haun Adamah.” Eboo manifested a bright silver and blue rattle from the ether and smiled as Adamah scrambled to grasp it. “Look, lhe loves it.”

“That group over there,” Aramas motioned with a nod of haun head, “why are they fighting?”

Eboo and Prime adjusted their gaze to see several strong males locked in ferocious combat, giving the appearance of two family groups battling for control of the environment and its precious resources, beating each other savagely until one group scattered and fled.

“Awfully violent.” Aramas concluded.

“We all have a little violence in our past.” Eboo rushed to defend Adamah’s honor. “Your childhood was noted for its violence.”

“I’m sorry.” Aramas spoke, correcting his thought. “I was really thinking about the complexity of their behavior. Even at this primitive stage they show a remarkable interaction. Maybe this one is special.”

Aramas continued to watch the victorious aggressors with a strange intensity. The process of thinking clearly manifesting in haun eyes. “I should go. I’ll come back in another 6 or 7 million years.”

“Sounds about right.” Eboo replied, allowing haun small charge to slip from haun grasp into the tall branches of the tree. “Maybe 8.”

“I should go as well.” The Prime added. “Adamah’s in good hands.”

“Thank you Prime.”

In a brief and wafting blur of light, Aramas and The Prime vanished into the air, leaving Eboo alone in the shade of haun tree. Lhe sat for a moment, living in the gentle breeze and meditating on the birth of a god.

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